Meet Our Team

At Ten Ten Studios, we celebrate the art of collaboration, harnessing the synergy of diverse talents. Our team consists of passionate creatives, each infusing their distinct flair and expertise into crafting solutions that push conventional boundaries, leading us to where we are now.

Jarold Sng

As a dedicated mentor, Jarold fosters his team with precision and genuine enthusiasm, nurturing the potential of each member. His keen attention to detail infuses a personal touch into every project, consistently exceeding client expectations. His innovative vision and vast network, cultivated through years of expertise, propel the studio’s growth within the industry.

Json Pua

As a seasoned expert in 3D modeling, Json leads the team in crafting captivating visual experiences across all projects. In addition to his mastery, Json oversees the company’s financial and technical aspects, skillfully navigating the intersection of art and business, ensuring the team’s seamless operation.